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Malaysia receives back Foreign Workers in the fields of manufacturing, construction and farming
    The Vietnamese government started laborers to Malaysia in April 2002. After nearly 15 years, there are approximately 60,000 Vietnamese laborers in the country. The cost of working in Malaysia might seem low, between $1,000 and $ 1,200. Malaysia is an attractive market for Vietnamese laborers with low requirements of skills and language. Especially, mountainous and ethnic minority workers.

     Vietnamese laborers work in all sectors, except for security jobs. In fields of manufacturing, Vietnamese mainly do jobs such as electronics, mechanics, seafood processing and food furniture.

    Service sector is quite diverse. Vietnamese labors can do domestic helpers, hotel room service, and entertainment service, restaurant and even gold processing.

    Also,Vietnamese laborers work in the field of agriculture, farm. Especially,Vietnamese female workers is relatively favored in the textiles sector. There are about 7,000 Vietnamese sent to work in Malaysia annually.

    However, In February 2016 Malaysia’s government temporarily stopped granting work permits to foreigner workers, including Vietnamese, to review the status of foreign workforce employed in that the country and re-evaluate tax policy for foreign employees.

    The move has disrupted Vietnamese labor export to Malaysia in recent months. The total number of Vietnamese going to Malaysia for work in the first eight months of this year reached only 1,762 while the annual average figure is about  7,000.

    On 24th August 2016, The Ministry of State for Foreign Affairs announced steps to allow recruitment on the basis of new cases considering, including Vietnam in the field of manufacturing, construction and farming. Depend on that, the Overseas Labor Management Department instruct service enterprises continue promoting and exploiting labor supply contracts which has good working  conditions and good salary.
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